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Calgary Initiatives

Rotary Chinook is proud of its active role in the Calgary community, through our involvement in local initiatives we have helped to grow local economies, support education and fight diseases. The committee members represent a range of skills that provide for meeting the various criteria evaluations to ensure we are diligent in our efforts.

Our local program committee works with Calgary charities and organizations that support Health and Well-being of Children, Seniors, Disabled Individuals, Literacy and Children’s Education, Protecting and Restoring the Environment, & Disaster Recovery Relief. All Rotary Chinook members are welcome to share information if they know of a charity in need.

Our Local Programs


Money Smarts For Kids! Frogskin U:

FrogskinU Educational Foundation is a Calgary-based not-for-profit that teaches students essential money skills relevant to their everyday lives. Frogskin U targets middle school youth with their engaging and interactive school program “Swamp Secrets Revealed”, and through their workshop “Swamp Secrets on the Fly!” They learn how money works, how to spot scams and fraud, and how to be a savvy consumer who avoids money trouble. They also learn the importance of keeping your PIN number safe.


Ending Summer Hunger; I Can For Kids:

I Can For Kids, a Calgary-based not-for-profit that provides meals for school-age children during their summer vacation. For more than 3,000 low-income kids in Calgary, the meal they are given at school through subsidized nutrition programs may be their only meal of the day. Most of the children who depend on these programs during the school year don’t have access to those meals during the summer vacation, and teachers see the effects of hunger when the kids start new grades in September. 


Organizations Evaluated & Approved For Funding For 2016/2017:

  • Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain
  • Injured ARBI
  • Bethany Care Centre
  • Atrium Dementia Program
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids
  • Calgary Drop-In/Rehab Food Program
  • Calgary Seniors Resource: Escorted Transportation Program
  • Camp Carmangay Life Skills Program
  • Providence Children’s Centre
  • Servants Anonymous
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